UNF – LTTE Peace Process – Comprehensive collection of documents

This comprehensive archive of content related to the UNF – LTTE peace process in Sri Lanka contains:

  • Every single Royal Norwegian Government Press Release at the end of the 6 sessions of talks between the GoSL and the LTTE
  • Records of meetings by the sub-committees set up during the process (e.g. SIHRN)
  • Documents related to the North-East Reconstruction Fund (NERF)
  • Documents on the Oslo Donor conference
  • The RRR Framework
  • SLMM statements
  • Human rights concerns and the appointment of Ian Martin and HR advisor
  • Various statements by donors and the International Community
  • Proposals by the Government and Counter-Proposals by the LTTE on the ISGA
  • Documents related to LTTE pull out from the peace talks
  • Some academic papers related that analyse the peace process
  • Various statements and letters of politicians, the President and other political parties 
And a whole lot more! Far as I know, there’s nothing comparable on the web that pulls in all these sources into a single archive.
Download the archive here

Regaining Sri Lanka – Complete version and older draft version

The Regaining Sri Lanka Framework was proposed by the United National Front Government in 2003 as a means through which economic development in some key sectors could augment the nascent peace process at the time. 

As the PM at the time, Ranil Wickremesinghe noted:

Economic re-construction and development, particularly of the areas devastated by war will be a deciding factor in sustaining the momentum of political negotiations. Development is part of the healing process in a wounded, divided society. Development is underpinning peace in Sri Lanka. Peace will sustain development. The two processes of peace and development have become inextricably inter-twined and inter-related.

They form the core of our vision of ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’ which provides the foundation for the restoration of growth and development of the economy.

The link to the website no longer works and there’s no complete record of the RSL documents I could easily find on the web – unsurprisingly, not even on the SCOPP website

This archive contains ALL the sections of the Regaining Sri Lanka framework and also contains an earlier draft of the framework that wasn’t at the time made public.

Download the file from here

Large collection of 2004 Asian Tsunami documents on Sri Lanka and South Asia

This archive contains a large collection of files from the response to the 2004 Boxing Day Asian Tsunami. Files on Sri Lanka include:

  • Tsunami Evaluation Committee Synthesis Report – July 2006
  • Very large collection of photos and video from the worst hit areas in Sri Lanka
  • High resolution satellite imagery of the affected areas
  • A large collection of aid appeals, UN, Government and NGO updates and press releases that went out at the time
  • UN system sitreps (situation reports)
  • Maps of Sri Lanka
  • Several lessons identified and lessons learnt reports and studies from local and international agencies
More generally, the archive also contains:
  • Large collection of high resolution satellite imagery of Banda Aceh (tsunami affected areas)
  • Casualty figures by country
  • Videos from some of the other countries hit by the tsunami
Click here to get the file. 
Warning: This is a large file. At 483Mb, you will need a broadband connection to download this. 

IIGEP website – With final statement and AG + COI responses

Download the IIGEP website archive here, containing their final statement and the responses by the Commission of Inquiry and the Attorney-General’s Dept. to the same.

The COI website archives can be accessed from here

Earlier archives of the IIGEP can be accessed here.

UPDATED – 5th May 2008

The letter sent by Justice Bhagwati to the President on 26th April 2008 can be download here

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) ~ Peoples Liberation Front websites

The JVP is a registered political party in Sri Lanka. 

Given the recent shenanigans of comrade Wimal Weerawansa, the JVP may well strike out his name and all related content from its website in the near future. This archive captures the entire contents of the JVP website as it stands, including the one essay worth reading on it – Fred Halliday’s account of the 1971 insurrection

The original JVP website can be accessed here

Click here to download the archive.

Jayantha Dhanapala’s website

From June 2004 to Jayantha Dhanapala was Secretary General Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) in Sri Lanka, at a time when the institution was qualitatively different to what it is today. Jayantha was also Senior Adviser to the President of Sri Lanka until January 2008. 

As noted on Jayantha’s website, it was originally constructed to provide accurate and up-to-date background information on Jayantha Dhanapala during the period when he was Sri Lanka’s Candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General. Since the conclusion of the election of the UN Secretary-General it was considered useful to provide students of international affairs and the general public with the views and values of Jayantha Dhanapala in view of his continuing role in national and international affairs. 

I have personally found the website to host some of the best writing on Sri Lanka and international affairs by a Sri Lankan. Fearful that it would suddenly cease to exist, I decided to archive it. Download the archive file here

By the way, I have also archived the SCOPP website. See here

LTTE Peace Secretariat

An archive of the LTTE Peace Secretariat which at the time of writing was online here. Given the Government’s investigations into the TNA and the nearly year long block on Tamilnet, it may be the case that the LTTE Peace Secretariat website is rendered inaccessible from Sri Lanka in the near future.

This archive contains, along with other content:

  • Prabhakaran’s Heroes Day speeches from 1992
  • All the news archives, press releases from 2003 including attached PDFs, photos and videos
  • The statements issued by the Royal Norwegian Government at the end of the 6 rounds of peace talks between the Government and the LTTE
  • Proposals put forward by the LTTE for an Interim Self Governing Authority
  • Historical documents such as the Thimpu Declaration
  • Photos from 2002 on events that took place during the CFA

Download the LTTE Peace Secretariat archive from here (173.7Mb – broadband connection highly recommended). On unzipped, click on any file beginning with index to get started (e.g. index-56.html). 

Please also see the Government Peace Secretariat’s (SCOPP) archive here.