Sri Lanka Press Institute and Sri Lanka College of Journalism

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Both SLPI and SLCJ, as Sri Lanka’s apex journalism bodies, have atrocious websites at the time of writing, which work, look and feel as if they were rejected in the 90s, yet somehow revived in this century under a committee of ageing journalists.

That being said, it’s vital to archive for posterity the content published on both sites, including photos and output from events, talks, workshops and training programmes. The attached archives don’t work fully offline (because of PHP issues) but all of the content (PDFs, JPGs etc) are present in the ZIP file, and can be individually accessed or searched.

For SLCJ’s archive taken June 2013, click here.
For SLPI’s archive┬átaken June 2013, click here.


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By 2017, SCJ had a new website. Download the archive of it, taken February 2017, here.

Download the second archive of the site here, taken on 30 April 2018.