President’s Media Division

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The first archive of the President’s Media Division was taken on 20 June 2016 (¬†Access the archive here.

Download the second archive, taken in February 2017, here (around 1.05Gb).

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Download the third archive, taken on 9th January 2018, here.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Following a tweet from the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noting the change in the domain of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from to, did the first archive of the site.

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Access it here.

Download second copy of archive, taken on 15 February 2017, here.

A brand new avatar of the MFA site was launched on 23 April 2018. Download the archive of this new version of the site here. Download archive of Sinhala and Tamil versions of this site, taken 3 June 2018, here.