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Launched by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge in her capacity as head of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation on 24 August 2016, had crashed by 25 August 2016.

After it was flagged by Groundviews though, the site was very quickly reinstated, which allowed for the capture of its first archive.

Download it here.

Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR)

As noted on its website, the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) was set up with the commitment to achieve national unity and reconciliation was a key feature of January 2015 Presidential campaign.

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Download the site archive, taken on 16 August 2016, here.

Download second archive taken on 14 February 2017 here.

Download the third archive taken on 27 February 2018 here.

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Download fourth archive of the site, with a new design, taken 1 May 2018, here.


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Blocked from major ISPs during the war, Tamilnet has continued to report on issues in the North and East for several years, from a perspective that one may not agree with and indeed, fully believe, but vital for a fuller appreciation of ground realities even post-war. It is now accessible freely in Sri Lanka.

Tamilnet describes its operations in the following manner,

“TamilNet is an independent and not-for-profit newswire service that provides up to date news with Tamil perspective on issues concerning Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka. Receiving on average half a million visits per month, it has developed into a mainstream news source on issues pertaining to the Sri Lankan conflict. The organisation, with specific requirements and expectations of a professional institution, is embarking a project journey of transformation into an institution with dedicated resources to cope with the development needs of a state of the art newswire.”

Download an archive of the site, taken late July 2016 here (file size is 1.5GB).

Download second archive of the site, taken 30 April 2018, here.

National Peace Council (NPC)

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The National Peace Council (NPC) was established as an independent and impartial national non-government organization on 2 February 1995. The formation of the NPC was the culmination of a process that began with a campaign against election violence in July 1994, launched by an inter-religious group of individuals and organizations. The strategic interventions made by this group during the 1994 Presidential Election campaign specifically, and for a peaceful and permanent resolution to the protracted conflict generally, led to the organization of the first National Peace Conference the same year. The vision and mandate of a National Peace Council were formulated at this conference, leading to the establishment of the NPC the following year.

Download an archive of the site, taken late July 2016, here.

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Download second archive of the site, taken 5 May 2018, here.