Lanka Logistics & Technologies Ltd


The LLTL site – – is archived because in February 2017, one of the projects administered by it, funded and overseen by the Ministry of Defense, is Sri Lanka’s e-NIC (National Identity Card) project.

Download the archive here (from February 2017).


External Resources Department (ERD)

The External Resources Department (ERD, is,

…responsible for mobilizing and coordinating foreign development assistance to Sri Lanka. ERD facilitates achieving the development objectives highlighted in the Development Policy Framework of the Government of Sri Lanka.


Download the first archive of the site, taken on 20 February 2017, here.

Download the second archive of the site, taken 31 December 2017, here.

Megapolis (WRMPP)

The Western Region Megapolis Planning Project (WRMPP) website is close to impossible to archive. However, I managed to download all the PDFs referenced on the site, plus key pages with plans, frameworks and key guides including:

  1. Background Studies
  2. Draft Master Plans
  3. Investment Opportunities
  4. Master Plans
  5. Previous Studies
  6. Related Documents
  7. Website pages


Download the archive, taken on 14 February 2017, here.