Using the archives

There are a number of ways you can use these website archives. They are aimed at researchers, scholars and anyone interested in key websites and web initiatives with information, research and other content on human rights, peace and governance in Sri Lanka.

To access the archives:

  • All the website archives are date stamped, so you can go back in time if the most recent archive does not meet your needs or you cannot find the content you are looking for.
  • Download the archive to your computer and unzip them.
  • Navigate to the folder you unzipped and double click on the index.htm or index.html file to begin to “surf” the site.

Remember that:

  • Once downloaded, you do NOT need to be online to go through all the contents of an archived site. Almost all the documents and attachments and all the webpages are readable offline, just as would read through them online.
  • Archives are a snapshot of content that existed on the site. Content that’s dynamically updated, like news headers, will probably not show up in the archive.
  • These archives will work on any computer under any operating system.

Sinhala and Tamil Content:
Some of the archives will need users to download and install Sinhala and Tamil fonts. See this page for more information on how to install these fonts.

Using the content to help your research and work:
Once unzipped, the contents of the folders are easily accessible even when you are offline or on a very bad internet connection. It may be advantageous to work off an archive rather than the live site if the content you want is to be found in the archives.

Content stored locally is also indexed far better than it would be on most of these sites. For example, if you are running Google Desktop or MSN Search, or are on Windows Vista or Mac OS X, you can use powerful and easy to use search tools to drill down to the content you want on these sites far quicker than it would ever be possible online.

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