Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research (ACPR) ( describes itself on its website as,

“…a not-for-profit research think-tank that works on public policy issues in Sri Lanka with a special focus on issues affecting the Tamil polity in the island. ACPR was registered in 2014 as a Company (Guarantee) Ltd with the Registrar of Companies and officially commenced operations in September 2016. ACPR is based in Jaffna but intends to work throughout the North-East. Its intellectual and activist resources are primarily drawn from academics attached to universities in the North– East, activists living and working in the North-East, and the Tamil diaspora. ACPR is an independent non-partisan organisation and does not associate itself with any other organisation or political party.”

Download archive of the site, taken 7 May 2018, here.

Download 2nd archive of the site, taken on 23 March 2019, here.