Ministry of Defence website

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 6.55.40 AM was, under the Rajapaksa administration, a notorious website used to attack journalists and civil society activists. The content posted on the site, usually without attribution, frequently featured hate speech and content that targeted activists, independent journalists, websites, civil society institutions and NGOs under the guise of national security. Content on was so bad, it even forced retrations and the deletion of content that offended India.

The current archive of was taken on 26th January 2015. It is large, at nearly 2Gb. Download it here.

Prasanna De Silva

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Prasanna De Silva was a General Officer Commanding 55th Infantry Division Sri Lanka Army. At the time of writing, he had a WordPress blog, dormant since July 2009, with details of his activities and thoughts around the end of the war in Sri Lanka.

In light of the serious charges against de Silva by the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (also see this Guardian article), he was withdrawn from the position of defense attaché at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London.

Access the archive of his blog here.

Defence Seminar: 2011 onwards

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The Defence Seminar website by the Ministry of Defence is the central repository for material around seminars conducted since 2011 in Sri Lanka, featuring both local and international voices. The original site is This archive was taken two months before the 2014 sessions, and will be updated once the archives of the presentations made this year at the sessions appear on the site.

To download the archive, click here.

To download updated archive (31 August 2016), click here.