Jayantha Dhanapala’s website

From June 2004 to Jayantha Dhanapala was Secretary General Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) in Sri Lanka, at a time when the institution was qualitatively different to what it is today. Jayantha was also Senior Adviser to the President of Sri Lanka until January 2008. 

As noted on Jayantha’s website, it was originally constructed to provide accurate and up-to-date background information on Jayantha Dhanapala during the period when he was Sri Lanka’s Candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General. Since the conclusion of the election of the UN Secretary-General it was considered useful to provide students of international affairs and the general public with the views and values of Jayantha Dhanapala in view of his continuing role in national and international affairs. 

I have personally found the website to host some of the best writing on Sri Lanka and international affairs by a Sri Lankan. Fearful that it would suddenly cease to exist, I decided to archive it. Download the archive file here

By the way, I have also archived the SCOPP website. See here