Memory Map Sri Lanka

The Community Memorialization Project began in 2015, based on the experiences and the methodology of the Herstories Project, which was a memorialization project focusing on mothers from across Sri Lanka. The Community Memorialization Project goes beyond its predecessor to include, men, women, children, youth and elders as individuals and groups with the overall objective of facilitating an environment that acknowledges and preserves multiple histories in order to create the conditions for reconciliation, justice and non-recurrence of violence by :

  • encouraging empathy and compassion through inter-generational transfer and inter-regional sharing of memories
  • supporting reconciliation and non-recurrence of conflict in Sri Lanka through village-based dialogue on value-based understanding of conflict and value-based visioning for the future
  • facilitating a process of common understanding on policy outlooks and programs on managing, and using historical memories for peace building and transitional justice

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