The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.50.47 AM, run by the Government Information Department, is Sri Lanka’s official news portal. The English version of the site celebrates 20 years in 2016.

This archive was taken on 10 June. At around 6Gb, it’s one of the largest ZIP files here, which is a testimony to the sheer volume of content on the site, across English, Tamil and Sinhala.

Download the ZIP file here.

Of interest to me was the fact that has links to two previous versions of the site, which are archived. One of them works, the other does not. I know of no other government website that has taken the trouble to archive previous versions of their website, which is commendable, but it is unclear the degree to which this is systematically done and across all languages. The link to the ZIP file above includes these archives as well.

Download the second archive of the site, taken 10th January 2018, here.

Download 3rd archive, taken 18 November 2018, here.

Download 4th archive 20 November 2019 here.