Peace and Conflict Timeline (PACT)

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As PACT’s website notes,

The events that surround the history of the Sri Lankan conflict, their impact and interaction with other events, are still highly contentious. As a contribution to this ‘live’ debate, the Peace and Conflict Timeline (PACT) project was developed as a participatory initiative to help those with an interest in the Sri Lankan conflict gain a deeper understanding of the conflict’s roots, manifestation and trajectory and to promote discussion around events, themes and experiences of peace and conflict related events.

As I’ve noted in my ICT4Peace blog in 2008,

There’s really nothing comparable to PACT in the SL blogosphere or amongst Sri Lankan websites. At first blush, any serious researcher will find on PACT a wealth incidents and processes that are vital markers of the ebb and flow of Sri Lanka’s conflict. PACT’s central feature is its timeline, that stretches from the 1800s to the present day. It is exhaustively researched with 420 entries to date. But here’s where PACT really shines – the entire website is designed as a living conversation. Comments and feedback are actively elicited with details of events and processes that have been missed out, or alternatives narratives and perspectives to existing events to enrich that which is already on the site. PACT is a historical narrative that comes alive through new media.

PACT’s website went down for around  a month in mid-2012, and it hasn’t published any new information since the end of the war in 2009. The research and content featured on the site is too valuable to risk deletion by domain expiration or some other technical glitch.

Download the ZIP file of the complete site here (~78Mb). At the time of writing, the site is available live here.