South Asian Centre for Legal Studies

The South Asian Centre for Legal Studies (SACLS) described itself on its website as being founded in 2013 and,

“…with the objective of advancing Transitional Justice and the global rule of law in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to advancing the right to remedy of victims of violations of international law: the right to justice; the right to truth; the right to reparations and the right to guarantees of non-recurrence. We also believe that Sri Lanka must deal honestly with its brutal past—one punctuated by mass atrocity violence and systemic violations of human rights by a variety of actors—if it is to emerge as a plural, peaceful and reconciled country with the confidence to face the future. Finally, we are committed to the vision of a Sri Lanka that participates robustly in the global community of nations, including by fulfilling obligations it owes its own citizens as well as the international community.”

Download first archive of the site here, taken 30 April 2018.