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Blocked from major ISPs during the war, Tamilnet has continued to report on issues in the North and East for several years, from a perspective that one may not agree with and indeed, fully believe, but vital for a fuller appreciation of ground realities even post-war. It is now accessible freely in Sri Lanka.

Tamilnet describes its operations in the following manner,

“TamilNet is an independent and not-for-profit newswire service that provides up to date news with Tamil perspective on issues concerning Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka. Receiving on average half a million visits per month, it has developed into a mainstream news source on issues pertaining to the Sri Lankan conflict. The organisation, with specific requirements and expectations of a professional institution, is embarking a project journey of transformation into an institution with dedicated resources to cope with the development needs of a state of the art newswire.”

Download an archive of the site, taken late July 2016 here (file size is 1.5GB).