UNF – LTTE Peace Process – Comprehensive collection of documents

This comprehensive archive of content related to the UNF – LTTE peace process in Sri Lanka contains:

  • Every single Royal Norwegian Government Press Release at the end of the 6 sessions of talks between the GoSL and the LTTE
  • Records of meetings by the sub-committees set up during the process (e.g. SIHRN)
  • Documents related to the North-East Reconstruction Fund (NERF)
  • Documents on the Oslo Donor conference
  • The RRR Framework
  • SLMM statements
  • Human rights concerns and the appointment of Ian Martin and HR advisor
  • Various statements by donors and the International Community
  • Proposals by the Government and Counter-Proposals by the LTTE on the ISGA
  • Documents related to LTTE pull out from the peace talks
  • Some academic papers related that analyse the peace process
  • Various statements and letters of politicians, the President and other political parties¬†
And a whole lot more! Far as I know, there’s nothing comparable on the web that pulls in all these sources into a single archive.
Download the archive here.