Lanka E News

The Lanka E News website has been around for a while, and for most of its life, courted controversy and pushback from successive governments. The most recent incident comes in the form of blocking access to the site from all major ISPs in Sri Lanka, starting 8th November 2017. Not unlike the manner in which inconvenient truths were suppressed online under the Rajapaksa regime, there is no discernible, public evidence on record as to whether the block is based on due process and by way of a court order. Mainstream news media also report that the TRC has denied that it ordered ISPs to block the site.

Given risk to site and even though it is protected by CloudFlare at the time of writing, a complete archive of the site’s content, as of 11.50am on 9 November 2017, can be downloaded from here.



The Picture Press

As noted on their website, The Picture Press is an online exhibition of development-oriented photography, a curated web platform promoting photojournalism, where ‘great photographs meet compelling narratives’. The Picture Press attempts to use photographs as an entry point into broader development issues facing Sri Lanka and South Asia. Check out their Facebook page here.

The site had a number of technical issues, but I managed to capture this snapshot of the site as it was around 2015.

Download the archive here, taken in November 2017.

Memory Map Sri Lanka

The Community Memorialization Project began in 2015, based on the experiences and the methodology of the Herstories Project, which was a memorialization project focusing on mothers from across Sri Lanka. The Community Memorialization Project goes beyond its predecessor to include, men, women, children, youth and elders as individuals and groups with the overall objective of facilitating an environment that acknowledges and preserves multiple histories in order to create the conditions for reconciliation, justice and non-recurrence of violence by :

  • encouraging empathy and compassion through inter-generational transfer and inter-regional sharing of memories
  • supporting reconciliation and non-recurrence of conflict in Sri Lanka through village-based dialogue on value-based understanding of conflict and value-based visioning for the future
  • facilitating a process of common understanding on policy outlooks and programs on managing, and using historical memories for peace building and transitional justice

Read more about the project at

Download a complete archive of the site here, taken on 28 July 2017.