Neelam Thiruchelvam Trust

Download the first archive of the Neelam Thiruchelvam Trust (NTT) website, taken on 15 February 2018, here.


Historical Dialogue is a digital platform created to serve the critical discourse on historical dialogue in Sri Lanka. This digital space hopes to bring together researchers, organizations, journalists, students and anyone with an open and questioning mind interested in issues relating to memorialization and the post-war situation in Sri Lanka.

It is an attempt to catalogue the various efforts of memorialisation in Sri Lanka and explore the various narratives related to the country’s history of violence and loss. It also aims to address the impact that different historical narratives have had on the social, political and cultural structures of Sri Lanka. The myriad of resource material, photographs and maps you will find here are a result of the ongoing collective effort of practitioners specializing in the field of memory.

Download site archive taken on 10 February 2018 here.

Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Bond issue

As noted on the Presidential Secretariat webpage at the time of writing,

On 16.01.2018, the Secretary to the Bond Commission that inquired into the Issuance of Treasury Bonds, forwarded the Soft Copy of its Final Report, which was handed over to His Excellency the President on 30.12.2017. 

A mirror copy and archive of all the documents on the webpage can be access from here. As noted on Twitter, Annexure III was missing from the original set of documents.

LLRC Archives

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 2.44.25 PM.jpg

I helped set up the LLRC Archives page and continue to date to host it, even though the curation and maintenance of the site resides solely with the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES).

An archive of an archive is an unusual step, but given the nature of content online and the importance of the LLRC process in Sri Lanka’s history, better to have multiple repositories of this vital content.

Access the 1st archive of the site, taken on 9th January 2018, here. Given the nature of the original site, I don’t expect I will take any future snapshots of the content on the site.