Milinda Moragoda’s website

The mainstream news today reported that Milinda Moragoda would become one of the President’s senior advisors. Milinda was a leading light in the UNF government’s peace negotiations team during the height of the ceasefire agreement, from around 2002 to 2003. He was also a United National Front candidate during the parliamentary elections in April 2010. At the time, he was active on Twitter and also had an active website. Since the elections, both the site and the Twitter feed have gone completely dormant.

The ideas, aspirations and general political culture Moragoda says he stands firmly in support of and believes in are those inimical to the President he now advises, and the government he is now associated with. Ergo, there is every reason to believe he may delete these accounts and sites.

I have archived his main website and provided a PDF that links to an archive of his Twitter account. Not all the links in the archived version of the site work, but all the files are present and can be searched in Windows 7 or OS X using the search functionality built into the operating system, or any search tool for local content.

This content was archived on 4 May 2011.